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Action Payout Services works for the affiliate payment needs of entertainment oriented companies around the world.

Worldwide Payroll and Commission Payments

Drawing upon 20 years of experience issuing international refund and rebate payments for mainstream industries, we specialize in providing timely, convenient and cost-effective payment methods with fantastic results but no drama.

Action Payout Services maintains a large network of regional banks to provide payment coverage in over 74 countries. We focus considerable resources on technical integration and relationship management with each of our banking partners resulting in stable global coverage with built in redundancy in key regions.

  • Our electronic payment processing is bank independent. We have a wholesale technology solution linked to our corporate membership of the banking association, “The Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication (SWIFT)”.
  • We carefully manage risk with strict compliance processes that are aligned with international AML rules and guidelines. Our conservative approach is designed to detect and avoid illegal business activities. Action Payout Services does not process payments for iGaming transactions. Nor do we process transactions in countries that are subject to sanctions by the UN.
  • Our central treasury management practices ensure that you have the security and flexibility you need. When you send us funds to cover checks or electronic transfers to be issued, we credit the amount to your company specific operating account. Action Payout Services is then responsible for moving funds to the bank on which the checks or electronic payments are to be drawn. You can issue thousands of payments in multiple currencies, yet pay for them all with a single wire transfer.
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Rely on Action Payout Services to issue local-currency commission payments by check or by local electronic transfer that are easy and affordable for all concerned.

Check Issuing

Send payment by check in virtually any currency by issuing checks that are drawn on a major bank in the appropriate country. Not only is our check issuing service more convenient than issuing checks in-house, but these commission checks are also easier and more affordable for your affiliates to clear.

Wire transfers

When your company needs to send high-value payments, or when local electronic payment systems are not available, trust Action Payout’s international wire transfer service for maximum speed and coverage. We offer cost-effective wire transfers to beneficiary bank accounts in virtually any country.

Prepaid cards

Action Payout’s prepaid cards are a quick, easy and cost-effective solution to the issue of paying affiliates, distributors, agents, vendors and others in various locations throughout the world. Operating without the need for a bank account, the cards can be used at ATMs, in stores or online; and with worldwide acceptance through the MasterCard network, your beneficiaries will appreciate the ease with which the cards can be used.

Electronic Payments

Send electronic transfers that are local to your payees. Action Payout Services offers a robust payment engine that allows you to send local electronic payment types such as EFT, BACS and SEPA that are both easier to order and less expensive than wire transfers. If check issuing lacks the speed you need, then rely on Action Payout Services’ electronic payment products to ensure that your beneficiaries receive funds fast.

Batch Services for Mass Payments

Whether you need to send 5 payments or 15,000 payments at a time you will appreciate the simple, straight forward batch format for issuing checks and electronic payments. We also support API integration for automatic processing of high volumes of individual payments.

Virtual Terminal for Individual Payment Issuing

For companies that issue affiliate commission payments upon request, or who need to issue occasional payments outside of their regular payment cycle, Action Affiliate’s virtual payment terminal is the perfect solution.

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Multi-Currency Capabilities

An Action Payout account makes it easy for you to send business payments using checks, wires or cards in your beneficiary’s home currency. View our range of payment types and currencies below.

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Rely on Action Payout Services to issue local-currency commission payments by check or by local electronic transfer that are easy and affordable for all concerned.

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